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Our History

In 1982 Mr. Clark Vaught moved from Canon Falls, Minnesota to Willcox Arizona and purchased Farmers Pump Company from the widow of the late Virgil Owens.

With the move, Mr. Vaught added drilling and well redevelopment to the pump company’s capabilities. The pump company, previously localized, developed commercial, industrial and municipal customers and in 1988 decided to change the name to Farwest Pump Company to more closely identify with our company’s clients. With the name change came the expansion of the company to Tucson, Arizona and Deming, New Mexico

The company continued to grow and in 1990 moved the Deming office to Las Cruces, New Mexico and 1992 opened an office in Phoenix, Arizona.

In July, 1996 Farwest Pump Company was sold to Farwest Group, a publicly trading company, who specialized in water remediation.

In 1999 Farwest Group sold Farwest Pump Company to Channa Vaught and made some management structure changes which have been instrumental in the continued growth and changes within the company.

Our Locations


Tucson manages all the drilling (Cable Tool, Air Rotary and Mud Rotary) for the company in Arizona and New Mexico. This operation specializes in Municipal, Commercial, Environmental and Residential for Submersible Pump and Vertical Turbine Pump Installation, Repair and Service.


Willcox specializes in Municipal, Agricultural, and Residential for Submersible Pump and Vertical Turbine Pump Installation, Repair and Service.

Las Cruces

Customer base is mainly Municipal and Agricultural Vertical Turbine Pump Installation, Repair and Service.


You should be proud of the people that work for you and their dedication to their jobs. Thank you for your help in getting water for us in a timely manner.

Betty Smedley

I wish to take this opportunity to say thank you for the work you have done. Also to say thank you for teaching me about wells and letting me ask questions without feeling I was in your way.

Jerome D. Parker