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Atlas Copco T3


Designed with a separate truck engine and a deck engine to power the drill. The design’s main advantage is the increased power transfer efficiency. The deck engine is coupled to the air compressor off one end of the crank shaft and is close coupled to the hydraulic drive box from the other end. This design boosts fuel economy and has less drive components to maintain and repair.


Still the most flexible and adaptive operating system on the market, the Cyclone Operating System allows you to tackle easy or tough jobs with equal confidence. Full width platforms and a simple, straightforward console layout require less bending and reaching. Operators and helpers will tell you that there is less strenuous manual labor required to run a T3W and that they aren’t as tired at the end of a long day.

Two ways to set casing

Casing can be rotated and pushed or pulled with the top head. The torque limit control allows the head torque to be matched with threaded casing torque specifications. In clean holes, casing can be set with the drawworks. The table swings out and the back half retracts to open up the whole centralizer for large casing and tools. With the bushings removed, there is a clear 20 in. (508 mm) opening at the table and up the derrick.

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